Acerola Cherry Chewable Tablet
Core function:

Acerola Cherry is rich in vitamin C, which is the most abundant fruit in the world. The content of VC in 100 grams of fruit is 2445 mg, which is much higher than 40 mg of lemon, 68 mg of orange , and 100 mg of kiwi fruit. Therefore, it is worthy of the name of "king of vitamin C".

Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) is a water-soluble organic compound that is needed for normal metabolic functioning of the body.

Vitamin C has a number of biochemical and physiological functions in the body. Vitamin C plays an important role in the biosynthesis of collagen, which represents about one-quarter of the total body protein and constitutes the principal protein of skin, bones, teeth, and connective tissues. Vitamin C deficiency impairs collagen synthesis.

Vitamin C not only involves in compounding the synthesis of collagen, treatment and prevention of scurvy and arteriosclerosis, treatment of anemia like other physiological functions but also enhance the body`s immune function. The vitamin C which supplement with antioxidant effect can correct and improve the body`s immune response.

In men, an Average Requirement (AR) of 90 mg/day of vitamin C and a Population Reference Intake (PRI) of 110 mg/day is proposed. In women, the AR for women is 80 mg/day and the PRI is 95 mg/day.

Acerola Cherry Chewable Tablets taken daily help:
  • Support a healthy immune and cardiovascular system
  • Maintain healthy, youthful skin
  • Fight free radicals
Product Description
Angel Nutritech Acerola Cherry Chewable Tablet, supplement natural Vitamin C from Acerola Cherry which is also enriched in Vitamin P, carotenoids and other nutrients.
  • High Quality: Acerola Cherry comes from Brazil
  • Delicious and low calorie: Xylitol formula

Usage: Take 1 tablet per serve, twice a day.

Packaging Size: 1.0g/tablet, 90 tablets/bottle

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