Angel Nutritech
Angel Nutritech was established in 1992 by Angel Yeast Co., Ltd. It is a high-tech biotechnology company which is professional with yeast and fermentation technology, mainly engaged in the source functions including yeast food raw materials, cosmetic raw materials and nutrition health food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical research and development, manufacturing and sales. It is the global supplier of children's nutrition, yeast source functional food raw materials and cosmetics raw materials.
  • 1992

    Founded in

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  • Our Digital Factory
    Angel Nutritech Nutrition and Health Digital Factory is a key project of intelligent manufacturing of the Ministry of Industry in China.The digital factory integrates SAP system, MES system, SCADA system and WMS system to realize the traceability of the whole process of product quality and agile and flexible manufacturing. It is one of the most digitalized nutrition and health food factory in China.
    Commitment to food safety and nutrition
    Angel adheres to the principle of "natural, nutritious, healthy and delicious" and develops products in a forward-looking and leading way.
  • Angel pays close attention to the voices of consumers and transforms them into engine research and improvement directions, thereby guiding the industry to develop to a higher standard based on customer value.

  • Angel has organized and participated in a number of popular science activities for the whole people, compiled and published nutritional yeast science books, and assisted CCTV in making yeast science films.

  • In addition, Angel also participated in the International Food Safety Forum and Health and National Nutrition Week series of activities to promote the elimination of aluminum hazards in food and continue to spread knowledge on nutrition, health and food safety.
  • Improvement of energy efficiency and protection of the ecological environment
    Achievement of both government and community satisfaction.
  • Angel actively fulfills its civic responsibility and pursues the "double standards" of "national standards and social satisfaction" in the field of environmental protection.

  • Angel completes production organization in accordance with cleaner production, vigorously promotes cleaner production technology, uses clean raw materials, low-energy equipment, and promotes technological progress; upgrades energy management, including energy data analysis and intelligent energy-saving systems; applies energy-saving technology and processing equipment, and develops and extends in-depth Environmental protection industry chain, improve the comprehensive utilization rate of resources; promote paperless office, reduce energy consumption, and develop green plants.
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