Chromium Yeast Vitamin C&E Capsule
Core function:

Chromium is one of the essential trace elements for both humans and animals and it plays an important role in many physiological functions in vivo. The biochemical effect of chromium is mainly as an enhancer of insulin which affects the metabolism of sugar, protein, fat, and nucleic acid in the human body. Chromium shows many nutritional and physiological functions as reducing lipid deposition in adipose tissues, increasing intramuscular fat deposition as well as increasing lean rate in body. Chromium (III) is an important component of the glucose tolerance factor

Vitamin C and vitamin E are important antioxidants in human body. They can cooperate with each other in the body to generate synergy function.

Combined with exercise, Chromium Yeast Vitamin C&E Capsules taken daily help:
  • Convert nutrients into energy
  • Maintain healthy blood sugar levels already within a normal range
  • Support sugar, fat and protein metabolism
Product Description
Angel Nutritech Chromium Yeast Vitamin C&E Capsule, supplement organic chromium from Yeast cell. Organic chromium (as chromium-enriched yeast) in the right amounts can balance bodies and improve the glucose metabolism.

  • High Content: 80μg/capsules, 1-2 capsules/day
  • High purity: CNRS analysis showed that no hexavalent chromium was found in the hydrolysate of chrome-rich yeast Chromium (III) is an important component of the glucose tolerance factor
  • High absorption: yeast chromium contains bioactive chromium absorption rate of 311% of methyl pyridine chromium and 672% of chromium chloride


Usage: Take 1 capsule per serve, once a day.

Packaging Size: 0.5g/capsule, 30 capsules/bottle.

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