Institute of Nutrition and Health
  • Adhering to the concept of "Developing Biotechnology and Innovating Healthy Life", relying on the "National Enterprise Technology Center", "Hubei Province Yeast Function Key Laboratory", "Postdoctoral Research Workstation", "CNA Nationally Accredited Laboratory" and other national innovation platforms", Angel Nutritech Institute of Nutrition and Health is committed to the application and innovation of microbial and fermented nutrition in the field of human health.
  • Key innovation areas include: yeast and fermentation nutrition research, maternal and infant nutrition research, micro-ecological precision nutrition research, anti-aging nutrition research and other fields.
  • The Institute of Nutrition and Health has a professional R&D team composed of senior nutrition research experts and functional food R&D experts, and has established long-term cooperative relationships with CNRS, Wuhan University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Jiangnan University, East China University of Science and Technology, China Disease Control and Prevention Centers and other well-known universities and scientific research institutions at home and abroad.
  • After nearly 30 years of innovative research, the institute has undertaken more than 10 national, provincial and municipal projects, won 2 provincial scientific and technological progress awards, and obtained 60 invention patents, including 14 international invention patents. As of June 2020, 51 health foods have been approved.
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  • Select Global Suppliers of Raw Materials
    Angel Nutritech Nutrition and Health Digital Factory is a key project of intelligent manufacturing of the Ministry of Industry in China.
    • The digital factory integrates SAP system, MES system, SCADA system and WMS system to realize the traceability of the whole process of product quality and agile and flexible manufacturing. It is one of the most digitalized nutrition and health food factory in China.
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    Ten thousand square metersConstruction area

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    100 million yuanTotal investment

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    100 million yuanAnnual output value

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    intelligence 01
    MES system is used for serial connection of equipment such as instruction execution, online detection, monitoring system, intelligent packaging, storage system and so on.

    Implement the integration of MES system and automatic control system, promote the integration of industrialization and automation, improve quality and efficiency, and realize agile, flexible and intelligent manufacturing.
    Automation 02
    The whole process from raw material transportation, raw material compounding, canning, sealing and packaging realizes automation and continuous production, which greatly improves production efficiency.

    The WMS system is used in raw material warehouses and finished product warehouses to realize automated and unmanned operations from raw material storage to finished product storage.
    Digitizing 03
    Full-line integration of SAP system, MES system (manufacturing execution system), SCADA system (central monitoring system), WMS system (warehouse automation management system), anti-counterfeiting precision marketing system, vertical integration of production business, horizontal interconnection management business.

    The whole process of the product from unpacking the raw materials to the finished product storage and the finished product delivery realizes digital monitoring, and the whole process of the product from production, storage and transportation, sales to consumers can be traced.
    Transparency 04
    The entire process from raw material procurement to finished product manufacturing is electronically monitored and traceable. The entire production process is visualized, and consumers can visit and experience the entire production process.

    Transparent factory can also realize online real-time live broadcast, no matter where you are, you can view the entire production process of the factory.
    Strict Quality Management System
  • Based on GMP, ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO22000 systems,Build a quality management system,And passed the HACCP system certification,
  • The production process of biological hazards, chemical hazards, physical hazards for effective preventive control management.
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  • China quality certification

  • CNAS certification

  • Sedex certification

  • British Retailer Association

  • Select Global Suppliers of Raw Materials
    The company's raw and auxiliary materials are all from the top three suppliers in the world.
  • It has established long-term strategic cooperation with global raw material giants such as Denmark-Chr-Hansen, France-Rousselot, USA-DuPont, DSM, BASF, Switzerland-Lonza, France-Naturex, etc. Each raw and auxiliary material has passed strict testing to ensure reliable quality.
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